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What goes into a Surf Edit? Behind the Scenes with Luis Eyre

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Behind the scenes of Luis Eyre’s (Surfiberia owner and surf school coach) most recent surf edit. Never one to choose the easy option, Luis decided the location for the cheekily titled ‘O Beef’ was to be at the bottom of a slightly treacherous cliffside dirt path – carrying a surf board and heavy camera equipment. Although if you keep on reading you’ll see why it was worth the effort.  

surf edit bts surfiberia
surf edit o beef bts

Luis has made plenty of surf edits, this particular one was in partnership with Sanuk, a bohemian shoe brand that Luis was sponsored by. Now that he no longer surfs professionally (he does have a surf lodge to run after all) it’s all about free surfing. 

So the first location was Praia da Ursa, a visual feast of a beach with incredible, mountainous, rock formations planted in the sand towering over the waves. Also conveniently only 10 minutes down the road from our Surfiberia Surf Lodge.  

praia da ursa surfiberia

To get to (arguably) Portugal’s most beautiful beach, you have to be relatively nimble and wearing decent footwear. Or you could do it Nuno Miguel style and go barefoot. He’s the videographer – I’ll get to him later. 

On the way to Cabo do Roca, the most western point of mainland Europe, there is a little side road. Very easily missed if you don’t know to look out for it. At the end of this side road you come to the top of the cliffs overlooking Praia da Ursa. Or if you’re staying with us at the lodge you can walk here, just follow the directions on our previous blog post, Aerial Aesthetics

So when you’re at the clifftop you can start your descent to the beach, it takes about 15 minutes. 


surf edit bts praia da ursa
nuno miguel joyfaktor bts luis eyre

Introducing Nuno Miguel, a professional photographer/videographer and owner of JoyFaktor videos. Nuno is a friend of Luis’ and has a great portfolio of surf shoots, so it was an easy decision for Luis to hire him to film some clips and do the overall edit of ‘O Beef’.  

Speaking of ‘O Beef’ I should probably explain the meaning behind the name. Portugal has a lot of British tourists every year. Tourists who inevitably spend a bit too long in the sun without sufficient sun protection. Therefore turning them a little on the red side. Like Roast Beef. So not a particularly affectionate term.

Luis is mostly British (his Mother is half Portuguese) and has been at the receiving end of the name more than a few times. Luckily, it has always been in good humour, but as he has always been considered ‘the outsider’ Luis thought ‘O Beef’ would be a good name for the surf edit. 

praia da ursa sintra

Isn’t it glorious?

joyfaktor luis eyre surf edit praia da ursa

And they finished just in time for sunset.

surfiberia sunset praia da ursa
surfiberia surf edit sunset praia da ursa

Second Location

This surf edit is inspired by Luis’ life in Portugal, and as he lived in Ericeira for 7 years, the seaside town is featured in the edit. Also starring in it is  ‘O Pescador‘ a fish restaurant owned by our very dear friend Carlos Vieira (he has been mentioned a few times on the blog). Here’s a few more BTS shots:

surf edit o pescador
o pescador ribamar

And that’s all folks. Now I’m guessing you want to see the fruits of their labours? 

Thank you for reading (and watching)!

All photos were taken by me, Elliss Eyre. 

If you want to stay at our lodge and have some surf lessons with Luis click here to see what we have on offer. 😎

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