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Aerial Aesthetics – Why You Should Stay Here if You Love Coastal Walks and Breathtaking Views

We count ourselves extremely lucky to live in a part of the world that is home to such a beautifully wild and rugged coastline. So when Chandler Borries came to stay at the lodge, with his very impressive drone in tow, he found the chance to photograph it irresistible. And boy are we glad he did, keep on reading to see more of his images and a sneak preview of our incredible coastal walk…

surfiberia praia das macas surf camp sintra
Chandler Borries' image

This stunning composition of cool blues and tantalising teal can be found at the bottom of our road; the majestic force that is the Atlantic. It’s only 200m away from our front door and something that we get to look at numerous times a day (which never gets old) but Chandler’s image from above just gives our beloved part of the ocean a whole new level of beauty. I think this particular shot is my favourite (which was a difficult call as they are all amazing) from the ones Chandler got during his stay. There’s just something about the way the sand billows up to the surface and mixes with the white water that I find hypnotising. 

best surf school portugal
Chandler Borries' image
coastal walk praia das macas chandler borries
Chandler Borries' image

Let’s get to it. Here starts my directions for an EPIC coastal walk, one of the best you may ever embark upon. If you walk out of the lodge, down onto the beach, across the stepping stones (spot them in the photo) and up and over the headland, you can follow the “scenic route” to the most Westerly point of mainland Europe. When I say scenic route, I mean one of the most awe-inspiring, crazy views the whole way, kind of journey. I’ve already mentioned the rugged coastline, here’s just a snippet of it in the photo below, although perhaps best to stay away from the edge for any vertigo sufferers that are reading.

coastal walk chandler borries drone image sintra
Chandler Borries' image
coastal walk surfiberia sintra
Chandler Borries' image

Of course it wouldn’t be Portugal if there wasn’t a lunch spot on the way. I think there must be a rule engraved in the Portuguese law system that there has to be a coffee selling establishment every few miles, so one can always get their caffeine hit no matter where they are. This means that you can break your coastal walk up with a leisurely lunch at Restaurante d’Adraga over looking a beach that has an amazing natural arch (think Durdle Door but with way better weather). So you can sip on your Superbock and look through the arch to the blue waves beyond whislt resting your feet. 

coastal walk natural arch praia da adraga chandler borries
Chandler Borries' image

After an indulgent lunch you can burn it off during the rest of the walk to Cabo da Roca. The second half of the journey is just as aesthetically pleasing as the first. Lots of jagged cliff edges and beaches with incredible rock formations protruding from the sand as if placed there by giants. A beach that particularly deserves a mention is Praia da Ursa, the beach closest to Cabo da Roca. The path down isn’t a path as such but more of a clearing worn away by the tread of many eager feet, it is definitely worth the effort if you’re not too tired by this point. 

coastal walk praia da ursa surfiberia

At the end of your walk you will arrive at Cabo da Roca which featurues a lighthouse (who’s light beam can be seen at night from the lodge) and it’s own monument declaring it as the westernmost extent of continental Europe. It was known to the Romans as “The Rock of Lisbon” during the age of sail, a very apt name when you see the 100 meter high granite cliffs and rocks that surround it. 

You can either end your coastal walk of a lifetime here or you can continue on towards Cascais, my top tip for walkers is to download the MapsMe app. It has an amazing amount of trails to follow that you can’t find on any other map app and is a must use, especially if you are prone to getting lost! If you don’t fancy the walk back there is a very convenient bus stop here that will bring you back to Praia das Maçãs and to our cosy lodge where you can relax and rejuvenate before the next day’s surf lesson.  

Finally if you want to see more of Chandler Borries’ spectacular images follow him on instagram for frequent jaw dropping photos and major travel inspo. Or if you want to purchase one of his insane prints for the walls of your home head over to his site TRAVLPRINTS.

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